Chinggu Pack

Chinggu pack comes with 3 different characters – Chi Chi (Cheese), Gammi (Potato), & Joo (Riceball). Gammi is a young couch potato who’s cuddly and lovable, contrary to Joo, who’s mischievous and adventurous.

One fry day, they met Chi Chi who’s a foreigner from Italy who travelled afar to steal Chef K’s secret ingredient and recipe. The truth will unveil when they all met at K Fry kitchen.

Material: Plush Fabric, Velcro and polyester

Original price was: RM29.90.Current price is: RM26.91.

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Sizes Length (cm) Width (cm)
A 7.5 7.5
B 8.5 6.5
C 5.0 5.0
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