On one fine day, Chef K decided to make a special batter and accidentally created YamYam. YamYam is a chicken drumstick coated with the special batter and now he lives in K Fry kitchen.

YamYam explores K Fry Kitchen alone when Chef K is not around until one-day, YamYam met Gammi and Joo caught up with the drama with the arrival of ChiChi, for each of them seeking for their own journey.



The main character from Chef K’s first ever creation then lives in K Fry kitchen. He then faces the biggest challenges when he meets a new Chinggu from France.

He’s a friendly cute drumstick with high curiosity and optimistic values. The understanding and helpful leader becomes a flaw of himself while being a hero because he’s too serious at times. The bravery and strong-will make YamYam a true leader among other members. PS: Love to spend his free time getting deep-fried.


Ambitious innocent young potato who wants to be the second leader in the troupe.

Gammi likes spending time watching TV on its favourite K-Pop videos. Regardless of being lazy and clumsy, Gammi is also deeply insecure about its leaf cap. Gammi loves to relax and getting oven-tanned on its favourite tanning bed.


Originally plain rice. A representative fashion icon in K Fry Kitchen after he found that he can transform into a beauty.

The maximalist and mischievous Joo. He’s also adventurous and fond of collecting stuff. The love for social media and the attention that Joo gets from his Chinggus truly makes him narcissistic thus he always brings a hand-mirror everywhere. Sometimes, messes things up unintentionally.



Comes a long way from Italy for a mission to track down the secret batter from Chef K in K Fry Kitchen.

A strong determination of a French Cheese with a strong French accent – Chi Chi, a calm and introverted Cheese. Chi Chi is a big fan of EDM house music, thus always carrying a smartphone around her. She likes to keep herself mysterious. However, she becomes more open once she’s surrounded herself with others.
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